Lisa origliasso billy corgan dating

14-Jul-2016 01:29

Origliasso discussed the issue on her own Twitter though in a much less agitated tone: The two had apparently met during a songwriting session, Corgan told The Herald Sun back in 2010.Stating that the two of them know what it’s like to be misunderstood and that “She’s brought a lot of sunshine in my life, but I was ready to receive it. If she’d met me a few years ago I don’t know if I would have understood her, she’s just such a unique person, there’s not a lot of people I’ve ever met who are like her.”Chin up Corgan, they say bad things happen in threes, you’re probably up to about 15 now and well overdue for a win.'I'm taking to Twitter (because I see where she is being attacked here) and I ask that she be respected as a woman I love and admire.Although our relationship has ended, we remain the best of friends and I ask that if you respect me you'll treat her with the same respect.It's really difficult when you spend so much time apart.''Jessica is thought to be the inspiration behind The Smashing Pumpkins latest album, 'Oceana', while Billy contributed to the new Veronicas LP 'Life on Mars'.

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Australian pop singer Jessica said the Smashing Pumpkins singer has gone from ''boyfriend'' to just ''friend'' status after two years together.