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It is important to inform all current and past sexual partners as soon as you test positive for STDs.The longer you wait, the more you put your partner's sexual health at risk.She will take the social media pressure of what is now out there.” Musekwa said Radebe would like to apologise to the country, Mbambani, her family and his own wife and children.He said Radebe admitted the incident and said it was poor judgment on his part.Wrong impressions that mosquito bites and sharing of food could lead to HIV infection were held by 31.94% and 12.44% of the men, respectively.Among those that reported STIs, 33.33%, 30.18% and 13.33% respectively used condom during sex with most recent partner, second to most recent partner and third to most recent partner, compared to 24.69%, 15.04% and 4.17% among those that did not report STIs.It also gives your partner the opportunity to get tested and perhaps save his or her life.Untreated STDs can lead to a number of diseases or conditions including blindness, infertility and even death.

This paper determined the effect of men’s sex-related behaviors and HIV knowledge on reported STIs.The data came from the 2012 Cameroon’s Demographic and Health Survey (DHS) that were collected from 7191 respondents in 2012.