Chuck prevents blair from dating

29-Jun-2016 14:26

Blair loses her virginity to Chuck in Victor Victrola, and they officially enter into a relationship in The Goodbye Gossip Girl.After the events in Inglourious Bassterds, Chuck and Blair ultimately split up in The Unblairable Lightness of Being. The tension was likely boiling over in living rooms just as it was within Chuck. Leighton Meester and Ed Westwick can convince us of anything their characters do, as well, allowing for major creative liberties on the writers' part. For whatever reason (Blair needing a new foil, basically), he decides to take Chuck and Blair down as revenge, and also to bring Jenny back to celebrate Lily and Rufus' anniversary. Finally, Chuck emerges after Blair's party ends to tell her the deal is over. Their war games are, as Chuck suggests to Dan, far too complex for commoners to even grasp. Why is the one-year anniversary of a fifth marriage a big deal? Serena and Colin decide not to sleep together - our girl has such willpower! Juliet apparently managed to install a camera there to capture it. When Chuck prepared to have his way with Blair on that table, it was hot. Ridiculous as this is, it actually fits the characters and their over-the-top schemes. Juliet sneaks away to speak on the phone with Ben, who tells her that even if Colin is the professor in question, they have to use Serena’s relationship with their cousin to ruin her. Despite ending on that epic note, and the infinite potential of next week and future episodes, we didn't feel this one was the show's best up until that point. It's not that we expect to be believable, it's that this week seemed almost too convoluted and contrived at times, without the reliable doses of humor. As Blair’s 20th birthday approaches, Nate and Serena have Blair and Chuck sign a legal peace treaty, one that prevents the ex-power couple from plotting to destroy one another. Rufus is disappointed he's become "one of them." So are we, for aforementioned reasons. Sometimes, they may even be acting from a genuine, well-intentioned, and possibly even accurate belief that their friend has made a poor choice or should have chosen someone else.The range of techniques available to a relationship saboteur is similarly varied.

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In the season five finale The Return of the Ring, Blair chooses to be with Chuck and they make a pact to ensure they end up together.

Even though she might not be the most attractive, wealthy, or interesting female in the group, her devotees will often discard any and all advances made by other women, up to and including no-strings-attached sex.