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03-Sep-2016 22:35

So the first all-female couple won the Amazing Race last night (not quite the cultural impact it was cracked up to be…) Nat and Kat (favourites from the start…) won in a perfectly executed last leg.

[When] he took mine and started running around with it, I was like, "Please put that back." He wouldn't do it—honestly, he was messing with stuff.

You also said, "You're the worst person I ever met."Nate: I meant, you're the worst person at this. In your last episode, Jen said, "I want to rip the dreads out of his," meaning T.

But, alas, luck would not have it and Taiwan was their last stop. ] On the show I said, "I like Thai food" and my mind obviously wasn't thinking that I was in Taiwan. I definitely know Taiwan is different from Thailand.

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They were eliminated after they took a local resident's advice that taking a subway would be faster than dealing with traffic in a cab. ('s season finale airs Sunday at 8 pm/ET on CBS.) Ousted on your birthday. Jen: You know I didn't even realize that until just now. Nate: It was the bumpiest ride we've ever been on in our life.

Read on for the real story behind the chocolate gnome switcheroo—and other accusations of cheating and favoritism this season...